Hearing Aid Moisture & Loss Prevention


Protect your Hearing Instrument from Sweat, Moisture, Dirt, Loss & Wind Noise.

eargearIs your hearing instrument breaking down due to sweat, moisture, or dirt? Are you concerned about loss of your hearing instrument?  If you are, then look no further, you have found the solution. The answer to your problems is Ear Gear, hearing instrument armor, the best, most inexpensive insurance you can buy!

“Prior to finding the great Ear Gear products my Mum had lost 2 hearing aids at a cost of over $3000 each.  Ear Gear is comfortable and attractive and Mum has had absolutely no objection to wearing it. I am very happy with this product and have provided the information to the staff at the care facility where Mum lives – the entire staff thinks the product may be very helpful for other residents. Thank you for a great product!”
– Sherri Williams