Hearing Aids in Drawers

Hearing Aids in Drawers

You’ve heard the nightmare story from a family member who bought expensive hearing aids and never wore them.  It saddens Sound Hearing to know someone who purchased instruments still can’t hear and says those “high priced” hearing instruments are in a drawer and not on their ears.

Please don’t let this keep you from the world of hearing!  Let us address the pitfalls that many who are new to hearing aids sometimes fall in.

Hearing Aids & Technology have changed

The size of hearing aids and the technology available even 5 years ago are not comparable to the new innovations.  The days of the bulky behind and in the ear sizes are gone.  The real key to success with hearing instruments is education and your relationship with your hearing healthcare professional.  When selecting hearing aids, rely on the recommendation, experience and knowledge of your hearing professional; the hearing loss itself, your lifestyle and the ear  itself will typically dictate what should select.  Sometimes patients tell the specialist what they’ll wear and are then upset when the hearing aids don’t work correctly.

Another vital part of the puzzle is follow up after the purchase.  When you receive your hearing aids, that is the beginning of the process.  There is a period the brain and ears must adapts to, since you are hearing properly for the first time in many years.  Required follow up visits and adjustments are necessary for proper hearing.  Typically a patient will need 2 to 3 visits for their new hearing instruments to be  set.  It is advisable for patients to complete an Aural Rehabilitation program to retrain their listening skills, since processing new sounds can be a real change.

Basically, you should truly give hearing instruments a real try, thinking that what happened to your friend will happen to you is a mistake.  You may most likely miss out on a great opportunity to connect yourself to the world around you.

Please give us here at Sound Hearing Care a phone call and schedule a time to meet and devise a strategy for you and your specific hearing loss.   Today is the day to better your hearing and change your life for the better.

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