Hearing Services/Repairs

On the cutting edge of hearing care technology, Sound Hearing Care is the Upstate’s foremost provider of hearing care. Whether you struggle with day-to-day communication, need a hearing evaluation, are looking for upgraded digital hearing technology, or wrestle with tinnitus, come see Jennifer Waddell and Sound Hearing Care.

Sound Hearing offers free in-house repairs, no matter where you purchased! You need help, we’re here for you!

Sometimes it is necessary to repair your hearing devices. Most manufacturers will repair their products, but they charge significantly more so if the instruments are over 5 years old or more. While we can repair the instruments, it may make more sense to review the new instruments as they will have the latest technology, a new warranty and
will offer the best results. Repairs are part of our business and when the devices return from being repaired they will usually have a 6 month or a 1 year warranty. Often we will have parts for your device and may be able to repair it on the spot.

Complete Hearing Evaluation

As South Carolina Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists, we offer the most comprehensive hearing services in South Carolina. By using a battery of audiological tests to arrive at the degree, type and configuration of the hearing impairment, we pinpoint in the auditory system where the difficulty resides. Beware of the “FREE HEARING TEST” as it may NOT be a true hearing evaluation. These free hearing tests may simply be a cursory screening by a salesperson whose goal is to sell hearing aids, not necessarily provide the appropriate hearing rehabilitative treatment.

Hearing Instruments & Programming

At Sound Hearing Care we have likely seen your hearing impairment many times. Our goal is to have you on a path to hearing and interacting with family and friends again. After a hearing instrument fitting, live speech testing ensures optimum results. Beware of the sales operations or franchises offering only one brand. Where you obtain your hearing devices truly makes a difference. It is impossible to treat all hearing losses with one brand of hearing aids. Rehabilitative follow-up services are necessary to get the most out of your devices. At Sound Hearing Care, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, we will continue to work with you until we find a solution.bte

Hearing Rehabilitation

Hearing rehabilitation includes reprogramming of old devices, or simply a look at your lifestyle and your daily needs. Making the best use of your hearing aids is our goal. We will explore assistive listening devices that may be of benefit for managing different environments. Lace Therapy is an integral part of our rehabilitation services.  This program is offered to you as part of your fitting. Learn more about Lace Therapy by clicking here.

Tinnitus Education, Treatment & Management

Tinnitus can be a debilitating problem for some. In addition to counseling as a treatment option through your doctor, there are new tinnitus technologies to help manage the ringing in your ears. Learn more about utilizing the newest technology to element ringing in your ears.

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