Tinnitus Sound Devices

Sound Devices

There are also tinnitus devices that work with the ringing ears available at our Sound Hearing Care centers.  For example, there is a sound pillow that generates a soothing noise or relaxing music that can be connected to a cell phone or mp3 player, which we carry.  A simple sound machine can also be purchased at your local home or electronics store.  It can reduce stress and help you sleep without the buzzing in your ears at bedtime.

On another note, stress can really affect tinnitus, relaxtion is key in calming tinnitus.  A good suggestion is to calm down and start relaxing an hour before bedtime.  You can turn the sounds on an 30 mins before bedtime, therefore when you remove your tinnitus or hearing devices,  you are not focusing on the tinnitus and the sounds will be playing as a distraction.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Here’s a great 8 week program that is recommended by the International Hearing Society and American Tinnitus Association, there is a cost involved with the program.  http://www.mindfultinnitusrelief.com/

Digital Tinnitus Devices

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